Tsigrado in Milos - beach only for brave people (VIDEO)
30/06/2019 Tekst ažuriran 18/12/2020 Iskustva 0

Access to the Tsigrado beach on the island of Milos is a real challenge for adventurers. 

Many people go there with the desire to visit this beach, but when they see how hard is to get down, many of them give up.

At the top of the cliff and at a height of about 50 meters, the descent starts through a slope that is very narrow and slippery from sand and gravel.

After that, you will see wooden ladders with which you have to descend to the part where the rope awaits you. Use the rope to reach other, fairly steep ladders that finally lead you to the coast.

Nevertheless, it is certainly worth going on this adventure, because Tsigrado is a beautiful, small and isolated sandy cove with clean and warm transparent water. 

Also, there are several beautiful caves around Tsigrado, ready for exploration.

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