Greek woman in Crete hires to tourists bed in the yard!
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One of the most unusual accommodations that tourists can rent for holidays through the popular Airbnb platform, is located on the island of Crete.

With a name that promises "Summer bed under the stars", a woman from Paleokastro near Heraklion, aims to attract tourists who want to experience the hospitality of Crete ... without a roof!

A Greek woman who rents an open-air bed in the backyard of her home describes it on Airbnb as a beautiful and warm bed "just 100 meters from the beach and 13 kilometers from the city of Heraklion."

She also promises that one who hires this bed will be able to "dream under the thousands of stars of the night sky". The guest has a "luxury" to use a common kitchen, a toilet and a bathroom.

The owner of the property charges this bed without a roof for only 32 € per night, but without the included air conditioning, TV, heating or fire alarm. However, breakfast and washing machine are available to guests.

Also, if a guest wants a luxury cleaning service, he will have to pay "accommodation" for 41 euros per night!

The guests actually already stayed here last summer and their reviews are pretty positive.

One of the guests noticed that everything was good, apart from the fact that it was near the road and the noise was "quite boring". Another guest also commented "that the bed is sweet and romantic, and the garden is amazing."


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