Best Greek Islands to visit in 2023
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With the eleventh longest coastline in the world and more than 200 islands to choose from, deciding which Greek island is best to visit is more than a demanding task. Nevertheless, we suppose that after 2020, visiting any of the Greek islands will be quite satisfactory and that the right choice will only highlight the whole experience.

We present you with the best greek islands to visit in 2023 and spend another unforgettable Greek summer.


Skiathos is the smallest island of the Sporades archipelago, near the coast of Thessaly and Euboea, followed by two famous islands, Alonissos and Skopelos. Skiathos is the perfect option for all travelers who search for a family-friendly destination, an unspoiled natural environment, and a variety of beaches. This is why we put Skhiatos at the top of our list and recommended it as one of the best Greek Islands to visit in 2023.

Skiathos town is the biggest settlement on the island, and it offers some of the utmost unforgettable scenery framed with a shade of pine trees and fantastic natural landscapes. In the port of Skiathos town, there is a small peninsula Bourtzi, with remains of a former Venetian castle, and a breathtaking view over the Aegean sea.

Skiathos have more than 60 beaches all famous for their extraordinary natural environment. 

The most famous beaches in Skiathos are:

•    Koukounaries beach with powder-like sand that the kids will just adore, surrounded by pine forest.
•    Lalaria beach is often recognized as the most scenic beach on Skiathos, and it is reachable only by boat. This pebbled, non-organized beach, is the best choice for all admirers of the underwater world, representing the crystal-clear turquoise waters of Greece and an area of sea caves and wild rocks.
•    Tsougrias beach is located on an islet south of Skiathos, just across the port, and is approachable only by boat. The long sandy, organized beach, surrounded by the shade of pine and eucalyptus trees, is a perfect fit for all chasers of peaceful beaches and crystal clear waters.

In the evening, don't miss the walk through Papadiamantis street, the main shopping area in Skiathos, filled with small shops and locally produced or handmade products, and try to find a spot in some of the tavernas at the top of the island, overlooking the Aegean horizon.
If you're in doubt about accommodation in Skiathos, here are the recommendations on where to stay in Skiathos.


Iconic Ionian islands are another perfect spot to live in the Greek summer. With its milky-blue crystal-clear waters, Lefkada represents the right choice for all nature & active holiday admirers, and this is why we recommend it as one of the best Greek Islands to visit in 2021.

The capital and the biggest settlement of the island is Lefkada town, the very first place you will visit on the island. Framed with a large marina along the seacoast, and many restaurants, and cafes overlooking the Ionian sea, Lefkas is certainly a place with a most alive atmosphere on the island.

Unspoiled nature and beaches that are not easily accessible, seek a visitor of adventurous spirit, ready to undertake an active holiday in order to see all the attractions of Lefkada. This is the reason why Lefkada is a perfect fit for couples and younger people.

The most famous beaches in Lefkada are:

•    Porto Katsiki beach is the most photographed beach in Lefkada, and Greece, too. Located 44 km south-west of Lefkas city, surrounded by a dramatic cliff, and accessible by a demanding winding road it requires a certain effort but gives an unforgettable memory to its visitor.
•    Egremni beach is another famous beach in Lefkada that is accessible only by boat. Located 38 km south-west of Lefkas city, this long, white-sand beach framed with a rocky landscape is one of the most visited spots of the island and something you should definitely not miss.
•    Kathisma beach is the easiest accessible beach in Lefkada. Kathisma is one of the longest sandy beaches on the island, the most common choice among families and younger travelers. Besides turquoise blue waters, Kathisma provides its visitors with a chance to try activities such as paragliding or sky parachuting.

If Lefkada is on your list, make sure to find a perfect place to spend your holiday and check out our rich choice of accommodation in Lefkada.


Crete is the largest island of Greece and Mederenian overall, and it is one of the most desirable destinations among travelers all over the world, and this was enough reason to list it on our list of Best Greek islands to visit in 2021.

The capital of the city is Heraklion, a crowded, cosmopolitan city best known for its ancient history and the Minoan palace of Knossos and Archaeological Museum. Since Heraklion is an administrative center of the island, we will move farther to the west, presenting you with some of the best holiday resorts on the island and the best exotic beaches in Crete.

Rethymno is one of the largest holiday resorts in Crete, located in the middle of the road that connects Heraklion and Chania, presenting a very good spot to explore the island. The center of activities in Rethimno is in its Old Town, filled with picturesque scenery of old colorful mansions, Byzantine churches, hand-crafted shops, and typical Greek tavernas, above which is located an old 16th-century Venetian fortress with a stunning overview of Rethymno.

Rethymno itself has one of the longest and widest, organized sandy beaches in Crete, surrounded by numerous restaurants and cafes, so there is no fear that it could be overcrowded.

Chania is the most charming and exclusive place on the island, the original capital which offers incredible scenery of the old city and a mixture of oriental and Venetian spirits. Chania has the best geographical position on the island providing its visitors with being located closest to some of the most famous beaches in Crete.

Chania’s beaches are 5 km far from the heart of the Old town, which is an advantage because Chania is still one of the largest ports on the island.

When in Chania, don't miss the long walk through the Old town and port, all the way to the Lighthouse. You will enjoy incredibly romantic sunsets and evenings illuminated with thousands of lights caught in the sea.

The most famous beaches in Crete are among the most beautiful beaches in Europe and the world, and here are the top 3 of them:

•    Balos beach is one of the most famous beaches of Crete, Greece, and the world overall. It is 52 km far from Chania, and it is accessible by boat and car, with a note that choosing a car means that you will have to walk a very demanding path to the beach. With exotic scenery, white, soft sand, and transparent blue colors of the warm sea, a visit to Balos will be a breathtaking experience you will definitely like to repeat.
•    Elafonisi beach is another exotic experience of Crete. A small islet with characteristics of the lagoon lies 82 km northwest of Chania. Warm, crystal-clear waters and its famous attraction – pink sand, makes Elafonisi a real geographical phenomenon. Because of the shallow water, this sandy, organized beach with nearby restaurants and easy access to the beach, is a perfect choice for families with kids.
•    Falasarna beach is nothing exotic, but still one of the best beaches on Crete. A long and wide, golden-sandy organized beach, easily accessible and only 55 km far from Chania, is the best choice for spending a relaxed, quiet day at the beach. In contrast to the still waters of Balos and Elafonisi, Falasarna is a perfect spot for all wave lovers.

We assure you that experiencing the wild scenery of Crete and its exotic beaches will be the best decision to make in 2021. Don't hesitate, find your perfect holiday destination and spend your deserved vacation on the most beautiful island of Greece.

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