7 most famous things in Greece
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Greece is one of the most desirable and popular tourist destinations in the world. Thanks to its diversity, thousands of islands, beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a specific way of life, Greece astonishes all its visitors.

Various characteristics are a synonym for Greece. Many of them have tremendously influenced the picture of the world overall. For that reason, in our newish article, we decided to present you with the 7 most famous things in Greece from our point of view, and we would like to hear your opinion too!

Greek Islands

The number of Greek islands is one of the most famous things in Greece! With one of the world's longest coastlines of nearly 13.676 km length and 6,000 islands, Greece is undoubtedly a state with the greatest number of islands in the world.

Thanks to favorable climatic conditions, the majority of these islands are inhabited and are the most famous touristic attractions in the world. Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, Crete are only a few of innumerable popular island and tourist destinations in Greece. Although all the islands are an integral part of the Greek territory, every island is specific and authentic in its own way. From mentality and historical events to food, habits, and natural environment. For that reason, summer in Greece is never the same, no matter how many times you were there!

Don’t miss to check what are the best Greek island to visit in 2021, and get inspired for your next holiday in Greece!

Mount Olympos and Greek Mythology

Mount Olympos is the highest mountain of Greece and the ancient home of twelve supreme Greek Gods. The peak Mytikas rises to 2,917 meters, making it one of the highest peaks in Europe. Since 1938, mount Olympos is a National Park famous for its exceptional biodiversity and rich flora, so today is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Greece.  

Mount Olympos was a place where Greek mythology was created, whose characters and stories influenced the creation of the world known to us. Every part of Greece is connected to a specific myth, so whenever you go to Athens, for example, you will hear a myth about her combat with Poseidon, the God of The Sea, and their intention to win Greece’s capital. A visit to Crete will certainly be marked by a story about Theseus and Minotaur, while the trip to Rhodes will remind its visitors of Hellios, God of Sun.

Every step you take in Greece will be followed by eternal stories of Greek gods, heroes, and mythological creatures, making your visit to Greece even more fulfilled.

The Olympic Games

Greece is the cradle of democracy and the Olympic Games, too, which is one of the most famous things in Greece.

 The first Olympic games have taken place in 776 BC in honor of Zeus, a supreme God of Greek ancient religion.

The games were held every four years from the 8th-century BC, until the 4th-century AD  in Olympia, a sanctuary dedicated to Zeus. Athletes could compete in a few disciplines such as wrestling, running, jumping, discus throw, horse and chariot races, or boxing. The Grand Prix of this ancient sport game was an apple, an olive sprig, and a life-size statue of the winner, which guaranteed him eternal remember.

After centuries of pause, the first modern Olympic games were held in Athens in 1896.

Contemporary Olympic games cover a range of 63 different sports and are held on every four years in summer and winter mode, with 206 nations to take the participate. Winning the Olympic games is still a matter of prestige and the highest possible recognition for an athlete. 

Greek Philosophers

Another achievement of the Greek ancient world which founded the picture of the contemporary world is Philosophy. It emerged around the 6th century BC, trying to explain life and promoting some new disciplines such as math, logic, politics, and ethics. Socrates, Plato, or Aristotle, Pythagoras, and Heraclitus influence modern science & thought even today.  

If you want to experience the world of ancient philosophy, then Platos Academy Museum in Athens will be a perfect chance to fulfill this dream. In this interactive museum, you will be able to acknowledge all the details about Plato's life and philosophy postulates.

Greek Monasteries

Greece is famous for its multiple monasteries that enchant with its tradition, and micro-locations too.

Two world-famous regions that are homes to the two biggest monks settlements are the region of Meteora and Athos.

The monastery complex of Meteora is situated in Thessaly, almost in the middle of the road between Thessaloniki and Athens, the capital of Greece. Because of its impressive natural environment, this fascinating area of six tall cliffs, on whose top there are six monasteries of Meteora, is often considered as one of the new seven wonders of the world.

Since the monastery complex of Meteora is located on the main roads, you can easily organize an excursion whether you spend your holiday in Halkidiki, Thessaloniki, Athens, or the Olympian region.

The most important monastery complex in Greece is situated in Athos, the third leg of the Halkidiki Penninsula. Mount Athos is a home for twenty monasteries and more than 2.000 monks. All the orthodox Christianity world contributed to this specific area which is considered to be the oldest monastery community in the world, by building the monasteries and providing significant donations.

Besides, Mount Athos is known as The Monastic Republic of Mount Athos, famous for its autonomy, having its own governance. Although it is a Greek territory, Mount Athos has a unique status, and autonomy to apply its laws. Another characteristic of Mount Athos is that women are not allowed to visit it, because it is exclusively devoted to the Virgin Mary, a Mother of a Christ, which is the only woman ever visited Mout Athos. 

The best option to visit Mount Athos is when you are spending your summer holiday in Halkidiki. However, there is an important regarding a visa you will need for visiting the Monastic Republic of Mount Athos, so we advise you to check the regulations. There are one-day excursions for man, while the woman can enjoy the cruise around Mount Athos, and stories about this wonderful region.

Syrtaki Dance

Believe it or not, the most famous Greek dance, syrtaki has been choreographed in 1964, for the need to film the iconic movie Zorba the Greek.

The name of the dance originates from the Greek word sirtáki, which means leading the dance. Although this dance is actually was invented quite recently, thanks to its specific rhythm and unforgettable sound, it has become famous all over the world, becoming a synonym for Greece. 

And, yes, there is no way you will not hear the Zorba song while spending your summer in Greece, the same as there is no chance not to learn dancing syrtaki, because it is certainly one of the most famous things in Greece.

Greek Food and Ouzo

Another thing Greece is famous for is definitely Greek traditional food and ouzo, a specific alcoholic drink made of anis. It is a distilled alcoholic drink that will perfectly accompany every meal. You can drink it straight or combined with water. However, this is a typical traditional Greek drink you should not miss when spending your summer in Greece.

A final bonus tip would be: be cautious because ouzo is a strong drink! Take it easy if you want to enjoy the next day! Yamas!

What are the most famous things in Greece in your opinion? Write us in the comments, and share your Greek experience! Don't hesitate, find your perfect holiday destination and enjoy your Greek summer completely.  

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